Friday, 7 October 2016

My love for Freida Kahlo

Hello there.  Hope you are all well? I am so glad the summer has finished and autumn has arrived. In my latest project i've thought outside the box - literally - yes.....I've done ANOTHER box but this time with a twist.  I have added a shrine to the box so it's a kind of 'mash up' of projects.

  Here is the finished piece 

As you can see in the picture this piece was inspired by the artist Frieda Kahlo.  I am a huge fan of her work and i love the vibrancy of not only her art work but herself as a person.  I really enjoyed working on this piece but it did take a while as there were a number of techniques used and a lot of waiting for either glue to dry or paint. 

My favourite picture of this wonderful woman is this one

This is how this project started life and where my inspiration came from for doing the 'mash up'

After i glued the box together using wood glue i then proceded to glue the shrine on.  After this i used Prima Transparent texture paste and gessoed it to give the whole project texture.

I then painted it with Deco Art Americana multi surface satin paint in Blue Lagoon which is such a wonderful blue. When this was dry i painted Deco Art  Perfect Crackle 1 over this. I let it dry naturally and i then went over this with Deco Art Perfect Crackle 2.  When this part was dry i then went over it with black distress crayon and rubbed it in all over the box.  I thought, being something to do with Freida, it needed some bling so i dry brushed all over with Dazzling Metallic paint in Venetian Gold (again by Deco Art) and it really brought out the crackle.  

Whilst i was waiting for all this paint, glue and crackle paint to dry i raided my embelishment stash and i had a great time.  Freida liked putting flowers in her hair so naturally flowers had to be a part of the project - bright ones and big ones.  I wanted it all to clash as she was into this in her clothes and paintings.  This self portrait was also my inspiration for the colours and flowers used 

I felt like i needed some gold somewhere so the winged angel got painted also the mdf cross at the back of the angel also got covered.  I then stuck some big and bright flowers onto the sides over some  filagree embellishments.  When i had everything else to my liking i then started putting things in the actual 'shrine' part.  The heart is by Prima in their artifacts collection and i covered it in Deco Art Crackle Paste which i waited overnight for so it crackled to perfection! I then painted it with Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint in Alizeron Crimson Hue which gives us a lovely deep red.

I loved doing this project and i hope you like it too.

Thank you so much for visiting and i hope you enjoyed your stay

Take care

Friday, 23 September 2016

Experiments with Yupo Paper.

Hello there.  Hope this blog post finds you well.  I've had an interesting week this week with posts being deleted from facebook and all sorts of other drama - but hey ho......on we go.

Today i've done a little experimentation with Stampbord, alcohol inks and bleach!! I've enjoyed every minute of it and the results have not what I was expecting but isn't that what experimentation is all about? Well yes and here are the results.  I'm totally over the moon!! 

Yupo paper is reccommended with the use of alcohol inks as its very smooth and when splattered on the paper it seems to 'grow' like bacteria - but alot less harmful and more pretty lol.  As Stampbord seems to have a similar surface light bulbs went off in my head and I thought 'shall i try it on that' and i did. When I first splashed the inks onto the board they reacted the same way as you can see from this video 

I then proceeded to drip some bleach onto the board as well and the effect was great.  If you do try this technique or any other with alcohol inks and bleach make sure you are in a well ventilated area as you will be very ill.  

This is a still of what it looked like

Beautiful - but when I came back to it a bit later it had dried and i was not expecting this result at all

At first I wasn't a fan so i decided to do the experiment again but this time put gesso on the board and see what happens. 


As you can see from the video that the ink just 'sat' on the board because of the gesso resit. I had to swish it around and blot it with a paper towel.  The more i looked at the two pieces of stampbord the more i liked the look of them.  Then another lightbulb moment......I reached for my Tim Holtz tissue wrap and cut a butterfly out and in half and stuck it on the boards with gel medium.  They were looking a bit bare so i used gelatos and did some stamping with archival ink to make them pop even more.  I reached for my Tim Hotlz chit chat stickers (good ole Tim eh?) and stuck these on again with gel medium and there you have it!! I also went around the edges with some Inka Gold in silver. 

I'm going to give one of these to a good friend of mine so we have one each and when we meet up they can be joined together like those 'best friend' necklaces you can buy.

Well, that's all from me for today.  I will just leave you with one last picture of the ink and gelatos i used.  Thank you for stopping by and thank you for being there for me on my crafty journey.

Take Care


Monday, 19 September 2016

Inspired by Kate Crane

Hello there - i know!!! I'm getting quite good at this blogging malarkey eh? Today i would like to show you another box....yes another box. I'm obsessed what can you say! This one is inspired by one of favourite mixed media artists Kate Crane.  I love her style and find it very freeing but very very messy.

Here it is 

I love the vibrancy of the colours that the paint i used produced.

First i glued the box together with Gorilla wood glue and gave it several coats of white acrylic paint and when i saw several layers.....i MEAN several layers. Gesso would of worked too.

I then raided my paint stash....I don't think i need to buy paint for a while do you?

I chose the brightest colours that i though would go well together.

These are:




Brilliant yellow green
Medium magenta
Ultramarine blue (red shade)
Brilliant purple
Cadmium red medium hue

I hope you are enjoying these posts on the boxes i'm decorating.  Please don't hesitate to pop over to That Craft Place if you would like one of these boxes for yourself. Just say Jo Bendall sent you lol.  By the way i'm not being paid or bribed by Danny or Lisa to say this.  I just think that their goodies are great.

thanks for popping over and visiting me and i hope you have enjoyed your stay

Take care

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Mr Piggott's Apothecary

Hello there.  Hope this blog finds you well?.  I've been so busy on this project that i think a good break away is on the cards.  I have enjoyed doing this project and I think i have really pushed myself and taken myself out of my comfort zone.  Its another box from That Craft Place (thanks Danny and Lisa) I'm addicted to them.

Here it is 

After i assembled the box and waited for the glue to dry i coated it in two coats of gesso just to give the wood a bit of a 'tooth' for the other components to stick to.  I then added some texture paste to the box using a spatula and dried it with my heat gun.  I also left it for a few hours to cure properly.

I then proceeded to raid my paint stash for a suitable brown colour and i found it in my Deco art selection.  I chose Deco art Americana multi surface satin paint in cocoa brown. I then proceeded to paint it and  let it dry over night.

The next day i started to distress the project by going over the raised areas with Walnut stain distress crayon and rubbing it in. I then ran my heat gun over it to set the crayon.

Then comes the best bit - raiding my stash for appropriate embellishments and other goodies.

I found my Prima Mechanicals that come already rusted and i stuck these down with Finnabair 3D gloss gel (which is fab by the way).  I placed some of the items that i chose just before sticking them down so i found the look i was looking for.

I bought the glass dome off a very good friend of mine and when i received it i immediately knew that this was the project to use it on.  I found some 'medicine bottles' in my stash and started to arrange them underneath the dome and fell in love....... I found some small ephemera bits to put on the bottles as labels and distressed them with archival ink in coffee. I also rubbed the ink over the glass dome to age it

Here are the products i've used in this project


Ranger Texture Paste
Decoart Americana Multisurface satin in Cocoa Bean
Distress Stain in Wild Honey
Decoart Dazzling metallics in Emperor Gold
finnabair art basics 3D gloss gel 
Ranger Archival ink in Coffee
Distress crayon in Walnut Stain
Finnabair Rust Effects mechanicals
Prima mechanicals clock face
Spellbinders Media mixage ephemera paper pad 

Thank you for visiting and i hope you liked the project

Take care


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Creativity Takes Courage xx

Hello there - another blog post from me.  I have been really motivated to grow in my creativity lately due to a wonderful friend supporting me and giving me lots of encouraging words of wisdom.

Here is a project I've just finished today and it took me over a number of days due to waiting for the crackle medium and glue to dry (very annoying).  Here is the finished article.....or box i should say !!

I purchased the box from That Craft Place and i had lots of fun assembling it....if you call getting wood glue in your hair and on your glasses fun !!

I then painted it with a couple of coats of white gesso from Decocart. I couldn't wait for it to dry so i used my heat gun to speed the process up.

Once dry i used crackle paste from Decoart to give it a bit of texture that i was looking for.

I really wanted to paint it as soon as but crackle medium does not like heat guns so i had to wait until the next morning for it to have worked properly.

I chose my favourite blue colour from Decoart and again waited for what seemed like ages for it to dry.  It was looking a bit flat and i really wanted the crackle to stand out so i started to rub it lightly with archival ink.  Still it wasn't 'dirty' enough so i jumped at the chance to use my new distress crayon in black and it achieved the effect i was looking for.  The distress crayon was so creamy and jucy......wonderful!!

I used my heat gun to set the distress crayon and i then chose my bits and bobs to go on the box.  I chose a heart from Prima from their Artifacts range and a light bulb for the lid.  Inside the light bulb i put a selection of small keys to remind me to 'unlock my potential' 

I also think the sentiment i chose from the Tim Holtz word stickers is quite apt don't you? 

A close up of the Prima Artifact heart i covered in crackle paste and painted it again in Decoart paint.
I went over some of the crackle with metallic decoart paint in gold and lightly brushing it over the raised areas using my finger, 

Here are all the products i used making this project

Thank you for visiting and i hope you like the project

Take care

Monday, 29 August 2016

Playing Card Fun xx

Hello there lovelies - Hope the sun is agreeing with you?  I've been having fun inside because the sun is not my best friend!!

I've been having a great time playing with extra large playing cards this summer.  I bought them a while ago but hadn't really done anything with them so i decided the time was right.  They have been a fantastic size to work with,  not too big, not too small......just right... just like in Goldilocks ha ha ha.

I've not used them all yet but i'm having so much fun with them.

I have used similar techniques with them all such as stamping,  modelling paste through stencils, and using vintage imagery from all different sources.  I have a lot of crafty stuff so to keep me from getting overwhelmed at the choice of things i decided to use a limited amount of product.  

Here are the ones that i've done so far

I have entered this playing card in Everybody Art Challenge - butterflies

I have entered this playing card in the Craftstamper Take it Make it challenge

I have entered this card in Everybody art Challenge - Butterflies

I have entered this card in the Petal Lu Challenge blog - anything goes 

I have entered this challenge in Try it on Tuesday - children

The pictures that were used on most of these were cut out of magazines and old books i found in charity shops.  The vintage pictures were from Tim Holtz lost relatives pack and selected ephemera packs from Amazon.

I am really enjoying this project and i make sure that i do at least two a day.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey I've been on and please do continue to join me when I've completed it

Thank you for popping in 
Take care and see you soon

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

New makes and compilation video

Hello there people.  Sorry i've been a bit AWOL lately I've not been very well.  Whilst i have been getting better i have been making lots of things (which helps greatly in my recovery).  I have also had a bit of a sort out and a destash of my vast crafty goodies.  I have given most of my things to a local nunnery who make cards and sells them to raise money for the church. 

After my destash my other half built me a much needed craft unit which i have filled to the brim with goodies.  Here's what it looks like 

If i was to show you all my makes you will be here looking at pictures forever so i have made a compilation video of the ones i have done recently.  

Here it is

I am really please with how the projects and the video has turned out

Thanks for visiting

See you again soon